Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Program Affiliated by Amazon and its Truth !

Thousands of affiliated programs are available online and among then the most popular ones are Amazon affiliated program. Although a large number of people are unwilling to promote Amazon products due to low commission payout percentages.

Again there are really a large group of people obtaining a full time income by just Amazon products.

Thus let’s discuss the advantages of being an Amazon affiliate. Is it really possible to make a lot of money through Amazon? Amazon products are perfectly good to promote since they sell themselves maximum Amazon products are in high demand and a large number of customers have already made up their minds to buy the product, only the thing required is to send them there.

About the low commission rate: Amazon truly has a low commission rate but it gets higher as the number of sales increases, actually by promoting costlier products one may earn good commissions.

But it is a good fact that one may sell higher price products side- by- side selling the cheaper ones too.

For example I have a website to sell a diet book through Amazon. This book sells around $12 and fetches me 50 cent of commission per sale. Thus it would be foolish to sell such a cheap product.

Through this website, the first sale mode is of kindle products. If side-by-side I promote a diet book too and someone arrived through Amazon by my affiliate link did not buy the book, instead bought a kindle product, it fetched me a higher commission.

When someone regularly visits the Amazon website through my affiliate like and they are present on the site, they might think of some other thing to buy. So, I not only earn commission on the particular product I am promoting but also get commission paid on anything the customer browses and purchases on Amazon.

Large Range of products to promote:- Huge number of products is available on Amazon that one may choose to promote. Greater number of such products has little competition making it easier to rank good in the search engines for a product which lacks affiliates promoting it.

This is so because such products include descriptions and it becomes easier for anyone to write regarding them.  One may even refer to the reviews available to help in content creation.

Higher conversion Rates of Amazon: - As compared to other affiliate programs Amazon products have a high conversion rate which results in great commissions.

Though not all products can enjoy high commissions, but many Amazon products do. A factor that determines success rate is choosing the right product to sell thereby earning a good income through the Amazon Affiliate program.