Thursday, September 17, 2020

How to create a girl's interest? Ways to talk with girls.

 It is not easy to talk with girls for the first time. Getting into a conversation needs a few things to keep in mind. Like, what context could interest her, what are the things she is comfortable to talk about etc.


If one wants to get closer than keeping dumb will not help. Starting a conversation with the safest topics never fail to interest hard whereas if one keeps quiet, most of the time, it might give the girl an impression of being shy, being gay, maybe not interested in the opposite sex, or is introvert.


The best contexts to choose to start a conversation are:


  • Girls talking about her: It is wise to start talking about her so that she feels comfortable to get into a conversation and feels free to ask questions about you. And hence you can talk about yourself to get the conversation going.


  • Girls Likes and dislikes: What are the things she likes, like food, entertainment, games, etc? What are her hobbies? Then as she unfolds, you can express your likes and dislikes to bring out similarities and differences to make her understand you.


  • Girls Family and culture: It is a chance to get her knows more, the way she got reared up, the number of siblings she has, and about her parents. But it is important to talk about your family too. If she hesitates to speak about someone or something it is better to change the topic to make her feel comfortable.


  • Girls Personal and professional experiences: Talking about such things helps to shape up a person in the other's eye and also helps to relate to one another.


  • Girls Dreams and achievements: You can always talk about aims and desires in her life and to what extent she has fulfilled those. If something remained unachieved, you can advise her to acquire those which make her feel, that she is being cared for by you. At the same time share your own goals and successes too.


  • Girl's Environment and surroundings: It is not a bad topic to talk about nature, weather, etc. You can talk about nearby food courts, restaurants, and shopping malls that are worth visiting and managing to go out for a date someday thereafter.


  • Girl’s Latest events and people's opinion: It is not a bad idea to talk about some recent incidents, film gossips, fashion trends that make you impressive in her eyes as she thinks, you always remain updated. But talking too much on male matters such as male actors or models might end up in thinking you as a gay. So try avoiding that.


  • Girls Books, authors, and other arts: Girls generally like those who are readers and critics. So, it is nice to make her talk about the books and authors of her choice and giving your positive views regarding those. Even you can talk about magazines that interest her. Conversing about other arts like drama, theatres, dance performances are also suitable ways to carry on.


  • Girls Sports and entertainment: It is advisable to talk about her favorite sports as well as sports personalities, different games that she likes, to continue. You can also talk about mobile phones, accessories which are recent trends in the market to make her feel interested.


Thus, there are several topics to start with to create interest in girls but slowly and tactfully handling is essential too.